Brattleboro Tech Collective Employment Information

The Brattleboro Tech Collective is a worker-owned and operated web development company, focused on workplace democracy and promoting a democratic society while supporting like-minded organizations in their work through developing websites and custom open source web applications. We primarily build Ruby on Rails and Perl web applications. We also roll out and maintain CMS-based web sites and do graphic design and HTML/CSS.

We are no longer actively seeking new members at this time.

Anyone is welcome to submit a resume to us so that we have your information on file for when we are hiring again. When we do hire, we'll be looking for potential worker-owners to join our team of programmers at our office in beautiful downtown Brattleboro Vermont. We look for people to help us in our daily work, while actively participating in the democratic management and operation of the company. This means we need people with good collaboration skills and a willingness to engage in non-technical tasks as well as strong technical skills.

We are enthusiastic about the worker-cooperative model for business, and we embody it as much as possible. All worker-owners receive the same pay rate, all share equally in any remaining profit at the end of the year, and all receive identical raises as we grow. We operate entirely on the basis of consensus, with all worker-owners having equal input into decisions, and all expected to contribute actively and creatively to building the company. An ideal candidate would have many of the following attributes:

  • be passionate about working in a democratic environment
  • have built and maintained complex applications
  • have worked with Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP, or Java Struts
  • be comfortable communicating directly with clients
  • be willing to engage with other worker-owners on an honest and personal level

If you are interested, please send your resume to

For more information about our collective see our website.